Tsukioka Yoshitoshi - Complete List of Print Series (by date)

The tables below are a detailed listing of all known Yoshitoshi print series (i.e. not including individual prints, but including multi-panel print series). They give information on titles, dates, format, and the number of prints in the series; in addition, it notes their series numbers in Keyes and "Beauty and Violence". We use Keyes' numbers to organize the prints on the site.

NOTE: This table is currently drawn in considerable part from data in Keyes' thesis. As we slowly add images (and ones large enough to read the characters in the captions), we will cross-check his information.

Title Kanji

The kan-ji given are those used by Yoshitoshi in the title cartouche. (For prints from series which we have not seen, the kanji are those given in Keyes, but there may be some errors in transcription; see below.)

Due to the post-WWII simplification of written Japanese, the kanji now commonly used in Japanese publications about his work are sometimes different, simplified, forms; if so, they are given in '()' brackets. (In some cases, Yoshitoshi seems to have deliberately used alternative characters with the same reading, as a sort of visual pun of the kind on sometimes finds in Japanese. In such cases, the 'normal' characters are also given in '()' brackets.)

The copy of Keyes' thesis used to prepare this page was not a high-resolution copy, and some of the characters are difficult to see clearly in it; it is possible an incorrect character was occasionally selected. Alternative possibilities are given with a '/' between them.


When a series took more than one month to come out, the dates given are the earliest and latest known prints from the series.

Note that prior to 1873, the dates are given in the Japanese lunar calendar used at that point, so a date such as '1860 (4)' is not April, 1860. Months marked as 'I' are intercalary months.

For dates after the switch to the solar calendar, and the new system of date seals, the day and month are given, not just the month.


Yoshitoshi usually used the larger ō-ban format for his prints; he used the smaller chū-ban format mostly for comic prints and prints intended for children. Many are multi-panel prints; when so, this is indicated as 'diptych', 'triptych', etc.

Almost all of Yoshitoshi's ōban prints are in a vertical orientiation; a series listed as being in "ōban" format, with no other modifier, means 'vertical ōban'. Similarly, most chūban prints are in a horizontal orientiation, and a series listed as being in "chūban" format, with no other modifier, means 'horizontal chūban'

Series Sizes

Where known, the number of prints in a series is shown. Where a series does not have any fixed number of prints, and we are unsure whether more prints remain to be discovered, we show the number of prints we currently have displayed, marked with a terminal '?'. If some prints in a series are known from written sources only, e.g. the list in Keyes, we list them in the form 'm+n', where 'm' are the prints we have displayed, and 'n' are the number known only from written sources. Counts given by Keyes, but not otherwise verified, are marked with a terminal 'K'.

Some series include one of more title pages or other supernumerary prints; such series use an '&' to delineate the supernumerary prints. Some series are collaborations with other artists; if so we only list the number of prints done by Yoshitoshi, not the size of the complete series. Such series are marked with a '#' in the count.


This list is based on the one in Keyes; he recorded a number of series which he had not seen himself, but which he had found listed in other sources. (See pp. 336-337 of this thesis for a discussion of these sources, and their reliability.) Unless we have found prints from such series, to verify that it actually exists (e.g. that it is not a duplicate listing for another series already listed here), these entries are marked with a '*' character next to the Keyes number. In a few cases (such as series 233), Keyes is uncertain as to the correct series title, and we give all the variants he lists.


Title (English) Alternative Titles Title (Rōmaji) Title (Kanji) Date Format Count Keyes No. B&V No.
Provinces of Japan   Dai nippon kuni zukushi 大 日本 國 盡
(大 日本 国尽)
1859 chūban   11*
The Battle of Cats and Mice   Byōso kassen 猫鼠 合戦 1859 chūban 6? 12


Title (English) Alternative Titles Title (Rōmaji) Title (Kanji) Date Format Count Keyes No. B&V No.
The Tale of the Forty-Seven Rōnin   Kanadehon chūshingura 假名手本 忠臣蔵
(仮名手本 忠臣蔵)
1860 (4 - 6) chūban 12? 21
Mirror of Portraits of Foreigners   Ijin shōzō kagami 異人 肖像 鏡 1860 (12) ōban 2? 31
Modern Celebrities of the East Edo Prints of Modern Celebrities Imayō hiiki azuma-e 今様 贔屓 東繪 1860 (7) ōban 2? 35 5
A Comparison of Flowers and Edo Actors   Edo no hana mitate hana kurabe 江戸 の はな 美立 花 く羅辺 1861 (8) ōban 1K 38
The Tale of the Forty-Seven Rōnin   Kanadehon chūshingura 假名手本 忠臣蔵
(仮名手本 忠臣蔵)
1862 (2 - 4) ōban 4? 61
Elegant Portraits of Actors   Fūga haiyū shinobu 風歌 俳優 志能婦
(風雅 俳優 しのふ)
1862 (5) ōban 5K 62
One Hundred Warriors of Japan   Honchō hyakuyū den 本朝 百勇 傳 1862 ōban   84
Tokaido   Tōkaidō 東海道 1863 (4 - 5) ōban 4# & Title 87
Famous Places of the Tokaido   Tōkaidō meisho no uchi 東海道 名所 之 內 1863 (4 - 5) ōban 4# & Title 88 8
Pictures of Famous Places with the Flowers of Edo   Edo no hana meisho-e 江戸 の 花 名勝 會
(江戸 の 花 名勝 会)
1863 (9) ōban 2K 93
Comic Pictures of the Floating World   Ukiyo kyōga 浮世 狂画 1864 (5) ōban 1K 109
A Modern 'Journey to the West' A Modern Version of the Saiyūki
A Modern 'Monkey King'
Tsūzoku saiyūki 通俗 西遊記 1864 (10) - 1865 (2) ōban 21? 116
Branches of Ten Famous Flowers   Meika jusshi 名花 十枝 1864 (10) ōban 10K 118*
A Celebration of Chrysanthemums   Kiku no kotobuki 菊 の 寿 1864 ōban   121*
One Hundred Ghost Stories of China and Japan One Hundred Ghost Tales from China and Japan Wakan hyaku monogatari 和漢 百 物語 1865 (2 - 9) ōban 26 & Title 134 10
Folding-fan Fifty-Three Stages Fan Tokaido Suehiro gojūsan tsugi 末廣 五十三 次 1865 (5I) ōban 15# 138
Brave Masters of the Art of War   Yūmei bujutsu no homare 勇名 武術 之 誉 1865 (5I) ōban 0+7? 139 11
A Celebration of Gallantry   Isami no kotobuki 勇 の 寿 1865 (8) ōban 7? 145
Biographies of Modern Men Biographies of Fine Modern Men Kinsei kyōgiden 近世 侠義傳
(近世 侠義伝)
1865 (10) - 1866 (4) ōban 36 & Title 147 13
Lineup of Famous Fights Between Brave Men Grappling Warriors Eimei kumiuchi zoroi 英名 組討 揃 1865 (11) - 1866 (1) ōban 6+3? 149 14
Handsome and Brave Heroes of the Suikoden Handsome Heroes of the Water Margin
Beauty and Valor in the Suikoden
Sagas of Beauty and Bravery
Biyū suikoden 美勇 水滸傳 1866 (4) - 1867 (4) vertical chūban 50 & Preface, Table of Contents 166
Twenty-Eight Famous Murders with Verse Heroes for the Twenty-eight Lunar Lodges with Poems Eimei nijūhasshūku 英名 二十八 衆句 1866 (12) - 1867 (5) ōban 14# & Title 183 16
A Mirror of the Sixteen Benefits of the Precious Transmission   Myōdenju jūroku ri kagami 妙伝主 十六 利 鑑 1866 ōban   184*
Chronicles of the Toyotomi Clan   Toyotomi kunkōki 豊臣 勲功記 1867 (1)-(6) ōban triptychs 2K 189/193
Snow, Moon, and Flowers with Valiant Warriors   Buyū setsugekka no uchi 武勇 雪月花 の 内 1867 (2) ōban triptychs 1K 190
A sash of new brocade weave   Kujira obi nishiki shingata 九字成 帯 錦 新𥜌/襖 1867 (4) ōban triptychs 2K 191/192
Heroes and the Five Elements   Eiyū gogyō no uchi 英雄 五 行 之 内 1867 (7) ōban triptychs 1K 196 17
Eight Views from Fine Tales of Warriors   Bidan musha hakkei 美談 武者 八景 1867 (8) - 1868 (2) ōban triptychs 8 200 19
Tales of the Floating World on Eastern Brocade   Azuma no nishiki ukiyo kōdan 東 錦 浮世 稿談 1867 (9) - 1868 (2) ōban 43?+1 202 20
A Mirror of Mysterious Tales from China and Japan   Wakan kidan kagami 和漢 奇談 鑑 1867 vertical chūban (printed in pairs on ōban sheets) 2? 203
Valor in China and Japan   Wakan gōki zoroi 和漢 豪氣 揃 (豪気) 1868 (4) vertical chūban 8K 211
The Tale of the Eight Dogs of the Satomi Clan   Satomi hakkenden no uchi 里見 八 犬伝 の 内 1868 (4I) ōban 1K 217
Strong Heroes of the Water Margin   Gōketsu suikoden 豪傑 水滸傳 1868 (6) ōban 4?+3 220
Portraits of True Loyalty and Chivalrous Spirit Tales of True Loyalty Seichū gishinden 誠忠 義心 伝 1868 (6) ōban 14?+1 221 21
Selection of One Hundred Warriors Yoshitoshi's Selection of One Hundred Warriors
Selection of One Hundred Warriors in Battle
Selection of One Hundred Aspects of Battle
Kaidai hyaku sensō 魁題 百 撰相 1868 (7) - 1869 (3) ōban 61?+4 223 22
Bravery and Valor with the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac   Eiyū jūnishi 英雄 十二 支 1868 chūban   232*
Loyalty and Righteousness in the Suikoden
A Modern Suikoden
  Chūgi suikoden
Kinsei suikoden
忠義 水滸伝
近世 水滸伝
1868 chūban   233*
Individual Biographies of the Forty-Seven Avenging Warriors   Fukushū gishi meimeiden 復讎 義士 銘々 傳
(復讐 義士 銘々 伝)
1868 ōban diptychs   234
The Life of Hideyoshi   Taikōki 太功記
1868 ōban triptychs 1? 249
Individually Illustrated Biographies of the Truly Loyal Retainers Historical Biographies of the Loyal Retainers Seichū gishi meimei ga den 誠忠 義士 銘々 畫 傳 1869 (2) chūban 49? & Preface 255
Courageous Warriors of the Takeda Clan   Takedake mushaburui 武田家 武者 旡類 1869 (2) ōban 2K 256
Biographies of Brave and Righteous Warriors   Gijin yūshiden 義人 勇士伝 ca. 1869 (3) yotsugiri 23K 257*
Untitled series of the Forty-Seven Ronin 1869 (4) chūban 16K 258
Biographies of Warriors of Modern Fame   Kinsei kōsetsu shiden 近世 巷説 士伝 1869 (12) chūban 3K 259
A competition among powerful magicians   Gōketsu kijutsu kurabe 豪傑 奇術 競/竸 1869 (12) ōban triptychs 2K 260/261
Complete Collection of Monsters   Kaii zoroi 怪異 揃 1869 ōban   262*
A Theater Alphabet of Pairs of True Forms A Theater Alphabet of True Forms Shin-zō gekijō iroha ittsui 真像 劇場 以呂波 一對
(真像 劇場 以呂波 一対)
1869 ōban 5? 264
A Record of the Advancement of Toyotomi Hideyoshi   Toyotomi shōshinroku 豊臣 昇進録 ca. 1869 ōban triptychs 3K 267
Chronicle of the Ascent of Toyotomi Hideyoshi   Toyotomi unshōroku 豊臣 雲昇録 1869? ōban triptychs   268


Title (English) Alternative Titles Title (Rōmaji) Title (Kanji) Date Format Count Keyes No. B&V No.
Eight Views of Warriors in the Provinces   Shokoku musha hakkei 諸国 武者 八景 1871 (1) ōban 5K 271
Eight Recent Battles   Kinsei hassensō 近世 八 戦争 1871 (1) ōban 1K 272
Beautiful Women and Fancy Dishes in Tokyo Fancy Dishes at Tokyo Restaurants
(Raving) Beauties at Tokyo Restaurants
Tōkyō ryōri sukoburu beppin 東亰 料 理頗 別品
(東京 料理 頗 別図)
1871 (9) ōban 17?+2 274
Essays by Yoshitoshi Miscellany of Figures From Literature
Yoshitoshi's Miscellaneous Writing
Ikkai zuihitsu 一魁 随筆 1872 (12) - 1873 (4) ōban 12K 280 23
Forty-Eight Views of Famous Places by Moonlight   Meisho tsuki yonjūhakkei 名所 月  四十八 景 1873 Unknown   287*
Biographies of Valiant Drunken Tigers   Keisei suikoden 竸勢 醉虎傳
(競勢 酔虎伝)
1874 (2) ōban 19?+4 289 24
A Chronology of Strange Events in Modern Times   Kinsei kisetsu nempyō 近世 奇説 年表 1874 (11) ōban 2K 292
Keen Competition Among Women in Eastern Pictures   Azuma-e sugata retsujo kurabe 吾妻絵 姿 烈女 竸 1874? ōban   306*
The Newspaper of Glory   Meiyo shimbun 名誉 新聞 1874 ōban   309*
New Tales of Honour   Meiyo shindan 名譽 新談 1874 (10) ōban 13K 318 26
Fifteen Generations of the Tokugawa Clan   Taiju jūgosei 大樹 十五 世 1875 (4) chūban 16K 313
Postal News Postal Newspaper Yūbin hōchi shimbun 郵便 報知 新聞 1875 (4) - 1876 ōban (one triptych) 61? & Title 315 25
Exploits of the Tokugawa Clan   Kaisei gofudōki 魁盛 護普動葵 1875 (7) ōban 2K 316
Brief Biographies of the Fifteen Rulers of the Tokugawa Clan A Brief Account of the Rulers of the Tokugawa Clan Tokugawa jūgodai kiryaku 徳川 十五代 記略 1875 (7) chūban 15K 317
Annals of the Tokugawa Administration   Tokugawa chiseki nenkan kiji 徳川 治績 年間 紀事 1875 (8) - 1876 ōban triptychs 10K 319
Modern Pictures for Instruction   Kyōkun kinsei zusetsu 教訓 近世 圖説
(教訓 近世 図説)
1875 'small format' 7K 324
An Account of the Fifteen Generations of the Tokugawa Clan   Tokugawa jūgodaiki 徳川 十五 代 記 1875 ōban   328*
Mirror of Beauties Past and Present Mirror of Beauties, Ancient and Modern Kokon hime kagami 古今 姫 鑑 late 1875 or early 1876 ōban 9? 331
Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan Mirror of Famous Commanders of Great Japan Dai nippon meishō kagami 大 日本 名将 鑑 ca. early 1876 - 1882 (2) ōban 51 & Title 334 27
Barometer of Emotions   Seiū kandankei 情得 感檀形 ca. mid 1876 - 1877 (1) ōban 9? + 5 335 28
Chronicle of the Imperial Restoration Eyewitness Account of Events in the Imperial Restoration Kōkoku isshin kenbunshi 皇國 一新 見聞誌
(皇国 一新 見聞誌)
1876 (3.6) - 1876 (6.9) horizontal ōban 12K 336 29
Seven Brilliant Stars Glory of Seven Heroes Kōmei shichi yōsei 光明 七 陽盛 1876 (5.9) ōban 7K 337
Firemen's Standards of all Great Districts A Mirror of Fireman's Standards in the Precincts of Tōkyō Kaku daiku matoi kagami 各 大區 纏 鑑
(各 大区 纏 鑑)
1876 (12?.10) ōban 10? 338 30
Annals of the Meiji Period   Meiji shōshi nenkan kiji 明治 小史 年間 紀事 1876 (9.11) - 1877 (14.2) ōban triptychs 5K 340
Modern Actors of the West   Tōsei saiyūki 當勢 西優妓
(当勢 西優妓)
1877 (6.3) ōban 4K 350 31
Chronicle of the Conquest of Kagoshima   Kagoshima seitō ki no uchi 鹿児島 征討 記 之 内 1877 (13.3) ōban triptychs 2K 351
Chronicles of the Conquest of Kagoshima: Pictures of Various Battles Near Kumamoto Castle   Kagoshima seitō ki no uchi
Kumamoto-jō yori shosho sensō no zu
熊本 城 ヨリ 諸所 戦争 圖 1877 (16.3 - 26.3) ōban hexaptychs 2K 352
A Chronicle of the Subjugation of Kagoshima in Satsuma Province   Sasshū kagoshima seitō ki no uchi 薩州 鹿児島 征討 記 之 内 1877 (26.3 - 1.5) ōban triptychs 2K 355
A Collection of Desires   Mitate tai zukushi 見立多 以 盡
(見立多 以 尽)
1877 (12) - 1878 (4.1) ōban 20? 370
A Collected Mirror of Great Achievements Mirror of Great Achievements Mitate kōmyō kagami 雅立 功名 鑑 1877 chūban (printed in pairs on ōban sheets) 18? 442
Snow, Moon, and Flowers in the Southwest   Seinan setsugekka 西南 雪月花 1877 ōban triptychs 1K 389
Untitled series of Officers in the Satsuma Rebellion 1877 or 1878 yotsugiri 4K 398
Eight Honourable Ways of Conduct Eight Elements of Honour
Eight Honourable Actions
Meiyo hakkō no uchi 名誉 八行 之 内 1878 (10.1) ōban 7K 399 33
Mirror of Wise and Benevolent Heroes of Japan A Mirror of Wisdom, Benevolence, and Valor in Japan Honchō chijin eiyū kagami 本朝 智仁 英勇 鑑 1878 (23.1 - 4) ōban 10K 400
Specialties of Restaurants in the Imperial City Specialties of Restaurants in the Capital
A Contest of Beauty
A Contest of Meetings Between Beautiful Women
Kōto kaiseki beppin kurabe 皇都 會席 別品 竸
(皇都 会席 別品 競)
1878 (2.4) ōban 20? + 1 404
Records of Light and Darkness at Kagoshima A Chronicle of Events at Kagoshima Kagoshima meianroku 鹿児島 明暗録 1878 (12.4 - 8) ōban 8K 405 35
Beauties and Seven Flowers Beautiful Women and Seven Bright Flowers Bijin shichi yō ka 美人 七 陽 華 1878 (4) ōban 7K 406 36
Beauties of the Seven Nights Allusions to the Seven Stars
Allusions to the Seven Planets
Mitate shichi yō sei 美立 七 曜 星 1878 (12) ōban 7K 409
Three Prime Events in Tōkyō   Tōkyō sansei no uchi 東亰 三盛 之 内 ca. 1878 ōban 1K 410
The Kanayomi Newspaper   Kanayomi shimbun かなよみ 新聞 1879 (6.2 - 15.2) ōban 3K 414
News from the Kabuki Theater   Kabuki shimpō 歌舞伎 新報 1879 (26.2 - 26.3) ōban 4K 415
Short Illustrated History of Great Japan Simple Illustrated History of Great Japan
Concise Illustrated History of Great Japan
Pictorial Outline of Japanese History
Dai nihon shiryaku zue 大日本 史略 圖會
(大 日本 史略 図会)
1879 (4) - 1880 (20.4) ōban triptychs 8?+2 418 38
Six Poems of Love and Valor Six Poems of Romances With Heroes Enyū rokkasen 艶雄 六歌撰 1879 (12) ōban 6K 419


Title (English) Alternative Titles Title (Rōmaji) Title (Kanji) Date Format Count Keyes No. B&V No.
Moral Lessons through Pictures of Good and Evil   Kyōkun zenaku zukai 教訓 善悪 圖解
(教訓 善悪 図解)
1880 (23.2 - 16.11) chūban (printed in pairs on ōban sheets) 37?+3 425
Pride of Tokyo's Twelve Months Twelve Months with the Pride of Tokyo Tōkyō jiman jūni kagetsu 東京 自慢 十二 ヶ月 1881 (23.3) ōban 12 426
Twenty-Four Hours at Shimbashi and Yanagibashi Twenty-Four Hours of the day at Shimbashi and Yanagibashi
Twenty-Four Hours with the Courtesans of Shimbashi and Yanagibashi
Shinryū nijūshi toki 新柳 二十四 時 1880 (10) ōban 24 427 39
Eastern Pictures of Heroic Women Compared Heroic Women in Edo Prints
Eastern Pictures of Remarkable Women
Azuma-e sugata retsujo kurabe 吾嬬絵 姿 烈女 競 1880 ōban 5K 428 40
A Mirror of Strange Tales from China and Japan   Wakan kidan kagami 和漢 奇談 鑑 1880 chūban (printed in pairs on ōban sheets) 10? 435
Crazy Pictures of Famous Places in Tōkyō Comic Pictures of Famous Places Amid the Civiliztion of Tōkyō Tōkyō kaika kyōga meishō 東京 開花 狂画 名所 1881 (6.1) chūban (printed in pairs on ōban sheets) 37?+3 436
Twenty-four Accomplishments in Imperial Japan   Kōkoku nijūshikō 皇國 二十四 功
(皇国 二十四 功)
1881 (30.5) - 1887 (9) ōban 24 438 41
A Mirror of Filial Piety in Japan   Honchō chūkō kagami 本朝 忠孝 鑑 1881 chūban (printed in pairs on ōban sheets) 16? 441
Sketches by Yoshitoshi   Yoshitoshi ryakuga 芳年 略画 1882 (10.5) chūban (printed in pairs on ōban sheets) 40? 446 42
The Illustrated Free Newspaper   Eiri jiyū shimbun 絵入 自由 真文 ca. 1882 ōban 1K 452
Untitled series of Comic Pictures of Acts of the Chūshingura ca. 1882 chūban 12K 453
Untitled series of Foreign Children and the Confucian Virtues ca. 1882 aiban 6K 454
The Four Seasons at their Height   Zensei shiki 全盛 四季 1883 (9) ōban triptychs 3? 458
Yoshitoshi's Courageous Warriors Yoshitoshi's Warriors Trembling with Courage
Yoshitoshi's Finest Warriors
Yoshitoshi's Incomparable Warriors
Yoshitoshi musha burui 芳年 武者 旡類 1883 (7.12) - 1886 (20.10) ōban 33K 460 44
Illustrations for the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' Illustration of a Chinese Story Sangokushi zue (no) uchi 三国志 圖会 内 1883 ōban triptychs 2K 461
A Broadcast of the Miracles of Kotohira   Kotohira reigen kōhō 金刀比罹 霊験 広報 1884 (20.12) ōban 3K 465
A Comparison of Temperaments   Kigen kurabe 機嫌 竸 1885 (10.5) chūban 20K 470
Instructive Models of Lofty Ambition An Educational Account of Self-made Men
Self-made Men Worthy of Emulation
Kyōdō risshiki 教導 立志基 1885 (26.10 - 25.12) ōban 4# 476
One Hundred Aspects of the Moon   Tsuki hyakushi 月 百 姿 1885 (10) - 1892 (1.4) ōban 100 & Title, Table of Contents 478 54
New Selection of Eastern Brocade Pictures   Shinsen azuma nishiki-e 新撰 東 錦絵 1885 (4.12) - 1889 (9.4) ōban diptychs 23K 479 55
Sketches by Yoshitoshi   Yoshitoshi manga 芳年 漫画 1885 (17.12) - 1886 (14.12) ōban diptychs 7? 482 57
The Yamato Newspaper   Yamato shimbun 大和 新聞 ca. 1885 - 1888 (19.12) chūban 7K 486
Personalities of Recent Times Lives of Modern People Kinsei jimbutsu shi 近世 人物 誌 1886 (12.10) - 1888 (25.5) ōban 20? 488
Untitled series of Parodies of Scenes from Kabuki Plays ca. early 1886 chūban K22? 495
Thirty-Two Aspects of Customs and Manners Thirty-Two Aspects of Women Fūzoku sanjūnisō 風俗 三十二 相 1888 (1.3 - 3.11) ōban 32 & Title 503 63
The Yamato Newspaper   Yamato shimbun 大和 新聞 1888 (23.6) chūban 2K 504
New Forms of Thirty-Six Ghosts Thirty-Six Supernatural Beings in New Forms Shingata sanjūrokkaisen 新形 三十六 怪撰 1889 (15.4) - 1892 ōban 36 & Title 509 65


Title (English) Alternative Titles Title (Rōmaji) Title (Kanji) Date Format Count Keyes No. B&V No.
Actors with Snow, Moon and Flowers Snow, Moon and Flowers Yakusha setsugekka 役者 雪月花 1890 (8) ōban triptychs 3? 517 69
The Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement 1892   6 & 2 Covers 523

Date uncertain

Title (English) Alternative Titles Title (Rōmaji) Title (Kanji) Date Format Count Keyes No. B+V No.
Wooden Bodies of the Loyal Retainers   Gishi mokutai 義士 木体 ? ōban   533*
Chronicle of the Ascent of Toyotomi Clan   Toyotomi unshōroku 豊臣 雲昇録 ca. late 1860s ōban   536*


Thanks to (in alphabetical order) Dawn C. Jegley, who rendered invaluable assistance with entering the data, and Guy Pepermans and Andrew Watanabe, who helped work out the kanji on some entries.

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