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This page is intended to be a resource for people who are not familiar with Japanese woodblock prints, and have a Yoshitoshi print they want to identify - but do not know which series it is from. We now have quite a few pages for series available (indexed in various ways), and it's not terribly practical to click on every single series, looking for the one which has the print one is trying to identify.

So this page shows one print from each series, and gives a woodblock print novice some tips about what to look at, in order to (in almost all cases) quickly locate the series that their print is from (even though, of course, their individual print is unlikely to be shown here). From there, one can go to the page for that particular series, to identify the particular print one has in hand.

Distinguishing Characteristics

One of the easiest ways for novices to identity which series a print belongs to is to look at the 'title cartouche' - the panel(s), usually in a top corner, which contain the title of the series, and often the name of the individal print (and often a fair amount of additional description of the scene shown). There are often two, one of which (usually a vertical rectangle) will contain the series title, and the other (often a square) which will contain information about the particular print.

In addition to the shape of the cartouche(s), other identifying characteristics for them include the coloration, etc of the cartouches. If you have a number of possibilities, based on cartouche shape and colour, look at the characters (kan-ji) in the title - even if you cannot read them, you can see if the kanji in one of the potentially matching series are the same as the ones on your print.

Other things which can identify the series include the borders, or other overall design features.

Sample Images

The tables below are arranged (semi-arbitrarily) by date. If you think there is some other arrangement that might make it easier to find which series a print belogs to, please let us know.

If you need to look at a larger image of any print (e.g. to compare the kanji in the title cartouche), just click on the thumbnail image. Once you have located the series you think your print might be from, simply click on the link in the series name to take you directly to the page for that series.

If you do not see anything that looks like the series your print might be from, it is likely because we still have many Yoshitoshi series which we have not yet managed to put online. In particular, we have been working first on those series which are not documented elsewhere, leaving the more well-known series until later. Here are some web pages at other sites which give information on some major series which are not yet online here.


Sample image Title (English) Title (Rōmaji) Date
Battle of Cats and Mice Byōso kassen 1859


Sample image Title (English) Title (Rōmaji) Date
Tale of the Forty-Seven Rōnin Kanadehon chūshingura 1860
Modern Celebrities of the East Imayō hiiki azuma-e 1860
Famous Places of the Tokaido Tōkaidō meisho no uchi 1863
Modern "Journey to the West" Tsūzoku saiyūki 1864-1865
One Hundred Ghost Stories of China and Japan Wakan hyaku monogatari 1865
'Fan' Tokaido Suehiro goju-san tsugi 1865
Celebration of Gallantry Isami no kotobuki 1865
Biographies of Modern Men Kinsei kyōgiden 1865-1866
Famous Fights Between Brave Men Eimei kumiuchi zoroi 1865-1866
Handsome and Brave Heroes of the Suikoden Biyū suikoden 1866-1867
Twenty-Eight Famous Murders with Verse Eimei nijūhasshūku 1866-1869
Eight Views from Fine Tales of Warriors Bidan musha hakkei 1867-1868
Tales of the Floating World on Eastern Brocade Azuma no nishiki ukiyo kōdan 1867-1868
Strong Heroes of the Water Margin Gōketsu suikoden 1868
Portraits of True Loyalty and Chivalrous Spirit Seichū gishinden 1868
Selection of One Hundred Warriors Kaidai hyaku sensō 1868-1869
Historical Biographies of the Loyal Retainers Seichū gishi meimei ga-den 1869
Theater Alphabet of True Forms Shin-zō gekijō iroha ittsui 1869


Sample image Title (English) Title (Rōmaji) Date
Beautiful Women and Fancy Dishes in Tokyo Tōkyō ryōri sukoburu beppin 1871
Biographies of Valiant Drunken Tigers Keisei suikoden 1874
Postal News 1875-1876
Mirror of Beauties Past and Present Kokon hime kagami 1875 or 1876
Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan Dai nippon meishō kagami 1876-1882
Barometer of Emotions Seiu kandankei 1876-1877
Firemen's Standards of all Great Districts Kaku daiku matoi 1876
Collection of Desires Mitate tai zukushi 1877-1878
Specialties of Restaurants in the Imperial City Kōto kaiseki beppin kurabe 1878
Short Illustrated History of Great Japan Dai nippon shiryaku zue 1879-1880


Sample image Title (English) Title (Rōmaji) Date
Moral Lessons through Pictures of Good and Evil Kyōkun zenaku zukai 1880
Pride of Tokyo's Twelve Months Tōkyō jiman juni kagetsu 1880
Twenty-Four Hours at Shinbashi and Yanagibashi Shinryū nijūshi toki 1880
Crazy Pictures of Famous Places in Tokyo Tōkyō kaika kyōga meishō 1881
Twenty-four Accomplishments in Imperial Japan Kōkoku nijūshikō 1881-1887
Sketches by Yoshitoshi Yoshitoshi ryakuga 1882
Four Seasons at their Height Zensei shiki 1883
Yoshitoshi's Courageous Warriors Yoshitoshi musha burui 1883-1886
Personalities of Recent Times Kinsei jimbutsu shi 1886-1888
Thirty-Two Aspects of Customs and Manners Fūzoku sanjūnisō 1888


Sample image Title (English) Title (Rōmaji) Date
Actors with Snow, Moon and Flowers Yakusha setsugekka 1890

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